Kingfisher Risk Solutions at PROFCon 24

Kingfisher is pleased to have recently participated in PROFCon 2024, the annual conference of the Professional Recovery Operators Federation that brings together professionals dedicated to vehicle recovery. Gemma Horton, Head of Risk Management at Kingfisher Risk Solutions, emphasised the critical role qualified risk managers play in safeguarding industry personnel and potentially saving lives.

Gemma talked about the legal, financial, and moral responsibilities companies have to keep employees safe, referring to the ways in which Kingfisher Risk Solutions can help vehicle recovery operators by working alongside them to provide the individual help and assistance they need.

The message was one of guidance; nobody knows a business better than those working within it, so the role of Kingfisher Risk Solutions is to work as a business partner. They will not dictate how to work and adhere to measures, but will assist in making sure the right systems are in place and that risk management is second nature to everyone working in vehicle recovery.

While the ultimate aim was to highlight that safe systems of work and effective health and safety management can protect everyone working in this industry, the impact of good risk management on reducing the potential for insurance claims was also discussed. Insurance is all about mitigating risks, and if less claims are seen, each business could be looked upon more favourably by insurers when it comes to setting premiums or excess levels.

Kingfisher is dedicated to helping the industry continually raise standards and reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring, which is why they will continue to work with the Professional Recovery Operators’ Safety Executive (PROSE) as a partner in driving safety to the top of the agenda for those involved in vehicle recovery, including frontline recovery operators, the emergency services, and even members of the public. Educating everybody about the risks involved will ultimately lead to a safer road network, with the aim that everyone going to work returns safely home at the end of the day.

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